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         Steenburgen Retrievers is excited to offer a wide range of training opportunities. From raising puppies for basic obedience, tuning up your gun dog, to getting ready to compete at a hunt test or field trial, we've got you've covered! We train 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) and provide care and exercise to your dog 7 days a week. We have access to a number of phenomenal training properties to ensure your young retriever gets the start you both deserve. We are committed to safety and take pride in exceptionally high standards for the training, along with the care and well being of your dog. Steenburgen Retrievers...  Making Legends!!

Training Services and Rates


Field Trial and Hunt Test Basics

Our basics training program is tailored to the retriever owner who wants to compete in Hunt Tests and Field Trials. Here, we lay the foundation for a well rounded competitor by covering these areas:

  • Collar Conditioning and Force Fetch

  •  3 Handed Cast and  Intro to Indirect Pressure

  •  Pile Work (force to pile, sit to pile, come in from pile)

  •  Mini-T, Double-T, and Pattern Blinds

  •  Swim-By, Cheating Singles, and Channel Blinds

  •  And lots of Marks!

$1050 / month  (includes birds, flea/tick & heartworm preventative, supplements)

*Pricing Subject to Change


Gun Dog Training

Our gun dog program typically runs about 4 months. Here, we  start the ground work for a well balanced and confident hunting companion by covering these areas:

  • Basic Obedience, Collar Conditioning, Force Fetch

  •  3 Handed Cast and  Intro to Indirect Pressure

  • Introduction to Boats, Blinds, Decoys, Gunfire and Birds

  • Multiple Land and Water Retrieves

  • Steady to Shot

  • Upland Hunting Scenarios

Call for rates and availability

*Pricing Subject to Change


Basic Obedience  (All Breeds)

A fun program catered to you and your dog. Whether it's redirecting a behavior or starting a youngster off right, we can accommodate your needs.

  • Basic Obedience to include: Here (come), sit, stay, heel, down.

  • We will work your dog both on and off lead.

  • E-Collar conditioning if needed/desired

  • Exercise sessions with nature walks.

  • Socialization with other dogs

  • Interaction with new people and environments.

Call for rates and availability

*Pricing Subject to Change


Puppy Raising: Puppy Headstart Program

The first six months of a puppy's life are some of the most crucial. Our Puppy Headstart Program is geared towards puppies 8 weeks to 6 months old who will be raised in our home. With lots of attention and many fun short sessions, your puppy will be prepared for the next step.  Areas of emphasis include:

  • Crate Training and House Training

  • Socialization: in the home, with other dogs, and with new people & places

  • Basic obedience using positive motivation

  • Develop learning and problem solving skills

  • Intro to training environments (dog truck, marks, birds, water, gunfire, etc)

Call for rates and availability

*Pricing Subject to Change


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